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Vioolbouwer - luthier



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Workshop for the making, restoration and selling of violins, violas, cellos and violas da gamba

Artwork by Hendrik Gheerardyn, illustrator, is on view at the workshop.


My instruments are fully hand-made by myself following the historic Italian tradition.

I am also selling old, restored instruments from the 19th and 20th centuries and new instruments, in all price classes.

After taking a thorough education at an official violin-making school,  I have established my workshop in Bruges (Sint-Andries).

In the past, few violin-makers have been based in Bruges.


My predecessors were:


- Nicolas Rakeman, master violin-maker. In archives of Bruges, he has been recorded twice, in 1449 and 1515.  

- Sches Beenaert, recorded in 1650.

- Egidius Michiels, recorded in 1770. According to Grillet, he was a maker of double basses while, according to the book “La Musique aux Pays-Bas” by Van   der Straten, he was a lutanist   at the Court Orchestra of Brussels in 1764. It has been confirmed by recent documents that Gilles Michiels (musician) and   Egidius Michiels were the same person. In those days, it was   not uncommon for musicians to make instruments as well, as confirmed by other examples such   as the Belgians Bourbon, Snoeck, Rottenbourg and Van der Linden. Egidius  Michiels   has died in 1783.


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